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Discover the powerful features of Samsung MagicINFO™ Solution. MagicINFO™ is a powerful, comprehensive platform for digital signage to manage entire content and devices with a single solution. Check out this video to learn more about the basic and extended features that Samsung MagicINFO™ can provide.

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MagicINFO™ Licenses

The SMART Signage Solution

Samsung MagicINFO™ condenses previously complex content authoring, management and play ability processes into a basic routine that allows businesses to engage customers faster and with less effort. The MagicINFO™ Solution serves as an all-in-one content management gateway where users can both schedule short-term content and arrange specialised playlists through a convenient drag-and-drop menu. These features work together with the MagicINFO™ Player to showcase rich UHD and HTML5 content without demanding an external media player or dedicated PC. MagicINFO MacBook
MagicINFO™ Licenses

What is a MagicINFO™ License?

A MagicINFO license is a key that allows you to use the MagicINFO™ solution on your Samsung Smart Signage display. You will require one MagicINFO™ license for each display. This could be a standalone single panel screen, video wall or LED wall. For example, nine standalone displays will require nine MagicINFO™ licenses, but a 3x3 video wall would only require one MagicINFO™ license. Your MagicINFO™ licenses will be stored on a server and will be assigned to a display by the server admin once the display is successfully connected.

Unified License 2

The MagicINFO™ Unified License 2 is the newest version of the MagicINFO™ Unified license only compatible with MagicINFO™ 8 and upwards. Allowing you access to all the latest features of MagicINFO™. If you require support moving from the previous version of MagicINFO™ Unified License to MagicINFO™ Unified License 2, please get in touch.

Unified License

The MagicINFO™ Unified License compatible with MagicINFO 7 and below. It is universally compatible and supports connections with various Samsung SMART Signage devices such as eBoard displays, Outdoor displays, Standalone displays, LED displays, Videowall displays and small signage displays. This is popular MagicINFO™ license giving full functionality to version 7 of the software.

Lite License

MagicINFO™ Lite License allows you to use a sophisticated remote control technology enabling you to play a huge range of content including video, images, PowerPoint and Flash whenever you need, using a USB memory or after connecting to a server. It is simple to use, with eco-friendly power consumption, meaning it is good for the planet as well as your business.

Datalink License

DataLink License gives access to a web-based application, extension of the Unified MagicINFO™ License package, which allows you to play dynamic content. DataLink periodically collects data from external sources and transfers them to the MagicINFO player. MagicINFO™ DataLink provide dynamic information display for a straightforward and efficient way to present up-to-the-minute data that is changed in real time.

MagicINFO™ Licenses

Choosing the right license

Deciding which license is best for your business is not always easy, especially if its the first time you are using MagicINFO™. On the left are 4 of the key licenses used with MagicINFO™. Depending on your project you will need to choose the best license for your requirements. If you let us know the full details of your project we can help you decide the right License, Samsung Hardware and provide a quote all for FREE!

MagicINFO™ Licenses

What is the price of MagicINFO™?

The MagicINFO price is dependent on the number of licenses you require and what type. MagicINFO Licenses Logo BLK v2 TransBg
Per MagicINFO™ Unified License


RRP: £390
Purchase Unified MagicINFO™ Licenses from us at a huge discount when on our managed service. Our managed service includes hosting, server management & support.