MagicINFO™ Datalink License

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  • Deliver real-time information with ease, convenience and enhanced communication.
  • Reduce content management costs and improve maintenance convenience.
  • Leverage easy and instantaneous content management capabilities for efficient and reliable business usage.
  • The MagicINFO™ Solution can be used on a single server to provide universal access to multiple displays of different forms from a centralised remote location.


Through the use of our MagicINFO™ Server or setting up your own server the user can use network-based solutions, available for displays that are located at various physical installation sites. The MagicINFO™ Datalink License provided by us supports connections with various Samsung SMART Signage devices such as Outdoor displays, Standalone displays, LED displays, Videowall displays and small signage displays. Using the our MagicINFO™ Server or by setting up your own, the user can monitor the status of various multiple displays throughout the property or company from a single location, and control the displays instantaneously or based on a schedule.

DataLink Server is a web-based application, extension of the MagicINFO™ Premium package, which allows you to play dynamic content. DataLink periodically collects data from external sources and transfers them to the MagicINFO™ player. Requires 1 Datalink BW-MIE30DA license for each player connected to Datalink Server.

Samsung MagicINFO™ DataLink provide dynamic information display for a straightforward and efficient way to present up-to-the-minute data that is changed in real time. Designed for vertical markets such as airports, finance companies, transportation hubs and retail or Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), the solutions display airport flight schedules and other travel information updates, variable pricing and menu data at counters and service venues, and currency exchange board data.

If you have a Samsung System on Chip SoC display, the setup is very easy! If you are unsure what display to get, we are happy to give free advice on what might be best for your business. –

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MagicINFO License

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