MagicINFO™ Lite License

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  • MI Licenses provides Samsung MagicINFO™ Lite Licenses CY-MILSSTS to be used as part of a MagicINFO™ Solution, allowing users to easily schedule content with the click of a button, customising the date and time content goes live.
  • Group Management – The MagicINFO™ system conveniently manages content device by group, creating no need to set up a playlist for every separate device.
  • The MagicINFO™ Solution can be used on a single server to provide universal access to multiple displays of different forms from a centralised remote location.


Through the use of our MagicINFO™ Server or setting up your own server the user can use network-based solutions, available for displays that are located at various physical installation sites. The MagicINFO™ Lite License CY-MILSSTS provided by MI Licenses is universally compatible and supports connections with various Samsung SMART Signage devices such as Outdoor displays, Standalone displays and small signage displays. Using the our MagicINFO™ Server or by setting up your own, the user can monitor the status of various multiple displays throughout the property or company from a single location, and control the displays instantaneously or based on a schedule.

MagicINFO™ Lite Player is a sophisticated remote control technology enabling you to play a huge range of content including video, images, PowerPoint and Flash whenever you need, using a USB memory or after connecting to a server. It is simple to use, with eco-friendly power consumption, meaning it is good for the planet as well as your business.

Samsung MagicINFO™ condenses previously complex content authoring, management and playability processes into a basic routine that allows businesses to engage customers faster and with less effort. Our MagicINFO™ Server serves as an all-in-one content management gateway where users can both schedule short-term content and arrange specialized playlists through a convenient drag-and-drop menu. These features work together with the MagicINFO™ Player to showcase rich UHD and HTML5 content without demanding an external media player or dedicated PC.

If you have a Samsung System on Chip SoC display, the setup is very easy! If you are unsure what display to get, we are happy to give free advice on what might be best for your business. –

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MagicINFO License

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MagicINFO Lite License

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