MagicINFO™ Remote Management License

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  • MI Licenses provides Samsung MagicINFOTM Remote Management Licenses BW-RMS40SA to be used as part of a MagicINFOTM Solution, allowing users to easily control critical display settings anywhere, anytime. Intuitive interface just like being in front of the display.
  • The MagicINFOTM RM Solution can be used for real-time, proactive display and content monitoring. Identify and receive guidance on how to resolve display errors.
  • Customisable device management and save time and money with installation and setup.


Through the use of our MagicINFOTM Server or setting up your own server the user can control critical display settings, available for displays that are located at various physical installation sites. The MagicINFOTM Remote Management License BW-RMS40SA provided by MI Licenses is universally compatible and supports connections with various Samsung SMART Signage devices such as Outdoor displays, Standalone displays and small signage displays. Using the our MagicINFOTM Server or by setting up your own, the user can monitor the status of various multiple displays throughout the property or company from a single location, and control the displays instantaneously.

Whether your business has its own content management solution or web application, MI Licenses provides a Remote Management Solution that is the answer to ensure your devices and displays are meeting business needs. Samsung Remote Management Solution provided by MI Licenses is a central remote service solution allowing remote monitoring of devices and eliminating the need for site visits or service calls. The Remote Management Solution platform synchronizes with a businesses’ existing customer relationship management software and provides a complete overview of hardware and display content. Samsung’s Remote Management Solution is included with the MagicINFO™ Server installation package, however a separate license key is required.

As the premium hardware control solution powered by the market leader, the Remote Management Solution provides access to critical display settings from anywhere. The intuitive mirroring interface allows users to adjust settings as though users were standing in front of the display. The ability to control the on-screen display remotely, push new firmware and automate software updates eliminates the need for onsite or engineering visits.

Samsung’s Remote Management Solution provided by MI Licenses includes a display monitoring dashboard with device details such as screen activity and content. The solution also provides real-time, proactive monitoring. In the case of a system malfunction, users receive an automatic email notification with an overview of the error. The platform also shares device statistics, data on error rates, connection status and approval as well as information on how to diagnose and fix various potential hardware and software errors.

If you have a Samsung System on Chip SoC display, the setup is very easy! If you are unsure what display to get, we are happy to give free advice on what might be best for your business. –

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MagicINFO Licenses

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MagicINFO Remote Management

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